In our department of design, we offer the possibility of working together with an idea in order to study its scope, its alternatives, the challenges in its undergoing, and to plan point by point all the details necessary for the development of a viable project

We can organize your event, of any size, because thanks to our ability to maneuver as we possess our own means, thoroughly study your project, we give the best and most cost effective solution for optimal development, and we deal with every detail, from the development of a work plan that is based on a realistic timeframe, so perfect staging.

Project management

When we undertake a project, either intellectual or custom title, whatever their complexity and scale, we take on the assembling, disassembling and development time and manner, carrying out the execution as planned. The deadlines, accessibility of the venues, permits, and materials, equipment, work with instructions detail… are constantly monitored so that everything works perfectly.

In projects of architecture, civil engineering, interior design, museology, permanent exhibitions… the premises are the same with different maturities, given that there will be no dismantling stage, so that the implementation plan will be significantly different and individual instructions, in some cases, slightly more concrete.


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