Normally, in the cultural environment, when wishing to share with the public in general an antique show, a selection of works of art, a complete collection of interest or the elements necessary to attend a meeting theme, using formulas that combine characteristics of infrastructure called ephemeral architecture with civil works

Our experience has made it so that we are trusted for the production, development and handling of:

Big expositions

  • Universal Exhibition of Seville, Lisbon, and Zaragoza.
  • Monastery of Santo Domingo of Silos.
  • Lighthouses of Spain in Coruna.

Traveling expositions

  • The Ages of Man (Avila, Burgos, Leon, Soria, etc.).
  • Giant nativity scene, which has covered almost all of Spain.
  • Train Displays museum, which has passed most railway station (RENFE).

Permanent expositions

  • Cathedral of Burgos.
  • Ministry of Defense.
  • Ministry of Culture.


  • Five centenary of Indian fleet, at the Museum of Contemporary Art
  • The evolution of man in the Iberian Peninsula, in the museum of Natural Science.

Other examples:

  • Roman Archeological Museum.
  • National Museum Valladolid of sculpture.

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