Some events require, for their size, the conduction of a media campaign to ensure the widest possible dissemination, its delivery to a particular audience or it simply aims to surprise

The MARVA Group counts on all the necessary resources to provide visibility to a product or event as required, as well as scenes in everyday environments or web and social networks.

Marketing and Communication.

We have found that in the direct dealings, the advertising slogan through promotional gifts leaves a deeper mark in potential customers than other initiatives and therefore bet in their favor after a thorough market research to provide a customized solution tailored to needs, budget and deadline.

We are authorized distributors of the major brands not only at a national level, as well as at an international level, realizing fabrication and direct import from the east.

From creating a logo to their development in all types of applications and publication, as well as the design and implementation of a media campaign to promote global or specific products, we have the resources to develop a picture of the project, as ensuring the results.

We are specialists in the design and layout of catalog brochures, labeling, packaging, flyers, etc.

The virtual plan

To bet on technology is to bet on the internet, an open window to the development all types of businesses and commercial operations. It is a powerful tool that allows the expansion of the radius of operations to no end.

This type of digital media allows delivery to an infinite public, of any age and across borders, so in these times it is fundamental to participate in the key meeting forums, starting with a modern and elegant web page, with an interactive presence in social networks, including a very own YouTube channel, with the possibility to update the contents regularly, and making them accessible to the multimedia tablet and smartphones. In the MARVA Group, we are prepared and in constant evolution, to help our clients to familiarize with the new business environment.

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