We care four our image & our enviroment.

From its beginning MARVA Group has opted for the care of the environment by implementing initiatives that count on recycling of special elements and materials, as well as the implementation of systems to  optimise energy consumption and energy generation  capable of  creating the right environment in the Group's production plants.

In the production, assembly, development and removal of the so-called ephemeral architecture, multiple residues are produced, along with remains of more or less sensitive materials that require treatment for either re- use (thus avoiding unnecessary consumption of the primary materials produced), or proper recycling that enables a lower effect on local and general environmental surroundings.

Therefore, MARVA Group from the start has been concerned to implement a recycling strategy that entailed on the one hand control of the raw materials used in their projects, proper waste disposal systems (both internal and external), and which on the other hand, have been ahead of what the official rules required.

This commitment extends from the proposal to our customers for use of biodegradable materials in the production of their projects to compliance with the most stringent regulations in our daily management. This section highlights the following:


  • Adaptation of facilities and work systems to establish rules for the correct use of structures and savings in primary raw materials (wood, natural products, etc.).
  • Encouraging our clients to use reusable or biodegradable materials in their projects.
  • Installation of energy saving lighting systems in the offices and production facilities of the group.
  • Promotion of an energy saving code aimed at reduction of energy consumption and consumables at all work points in the company: re- use of used stationery, saving on printing of documents, energy saving, etc.
  • Implementation of electricity consumption optimization systems on the advice of professionals in the industry.
  • Establishment of a strategy for initial  and final cleaning of spaces where commercial, promotional or advertising projects have been developed , supported by the appropriate management of waste disposal
  • Use of a climate control system in Production áreas through a Central Biomass system  that recycles production waste and set up structures.
  • Delivery to recycling points of pvc, canvas, and other hard materials difficult to recycle.
  • Implementation in assembly and disassembly of waste disposal systems for sensitive materials: paints, acids, metals, etc.


At the MARVA Group we like to care for our image, for that of our clients and for the environment in which we operate. It's a commitment to quality and the future that started at  the beginning of our journey and which is maintained and strengthened as time progresses.


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