From the beginning of our journey, we have a soft spot for the recreation of scenes, from the reproduction of the aesthetics of events occurred in any time and place, and needed to tell their story in visual language

Ava Gadner’s dressing room and various scenes in “55 days in Beijing”, coverage and scenarios for Shirley McLaine in the presentation of “Two Mules for Sister Sara” and some titles from his extensive filmography, some assistance during the filming of “Lawrence of Arabia”, the impressive theater shown by General George Smith in “Patton” or recreation of the people of Lara in “Doctor Zhivago”, are some of the projects that cemented the close relationship between the MARVA Group and the seventh art.

Following historical tradition in the MARVA Group believe that the staging is a critical part in the performance of work, as studied by light and the placement of objects in the right places, we will endow the project character and thematic definitive of the atmosphere we are looking for our act, being an indispensable complement to its creation.

Therefore we specialize in everything related to the world of television, and we have the necessary experience in the treatment of sets in any production to ensure the desired atmosphere. A collaboration that began with the construction of the interiors of Spanish Television facilities in Prado del Rey, which today is translated mostly in:

  • TVE: Stage Theatre 1 and Theatre 2, Vox Populi, Record of the Year Gala, Gala Reyes, Okupa2, etc.
  • Antena 3: Vox Populi, 3rd in discord.

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